So, what exactly IS social media anyway?

Are you at a loss when someone asks if you have a social media marketing plan in place?

What exactly IS social networking anyway?

I can answer those questions for you. Social Media is any type of communication that takes place on a “social” networking website. There are many social networking sites but some are definitely more popular than others such as Facebook and Twitter. A marketing plan is one in which you decide the what, where, and when you will “communicate” about your business online.

Creating such a plan will help you stay on track; and will help make sure you are set up on the best possible path to success.

The first step to take it so review your company or what it is you are trying to “sell” and figure out what the best websites are for networking in.

The second step is to create your accounts and have them set up appropriately. Include as much information as possible when creating your accounts and profile or page information. The more information a potential client has the less time it will take for them to decide if you or your product is best to fit their needs.

The third step is to begin adding as many contacts as possible and you should start with your own friends and family and expand from there. People who know you personally can vouch for you and will often times refer you along to others.

The fourth step is to begin “communicating” on these sites. This can include anything from telling others about you or your product to just posting something about how your day is going. People want to see they are dealing with real people and they can see this just by reading about you or your day. They will remember someone they relate to more than they will rememer some company they have no connection to.

Make sure you know how often to communicate and stick to it. Some people post once a week and others once a day. Just do it often enough that your clients remember you exist!


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