I am Candi Curtis, owner of Real Girl Virtual Assistance.

My mission is to find creative solutions to client’s problems and by helping when they are too swamped to get it all done themselves. Assisting in ways that relieve the stress and bring back the passion my clients once had for their industry.

In most businesses it is important to have a trustworthy right-hand go-to girl which is where I come in by being that person primarily to small and medium businesses.

The Virtual Assistance industry is at the beginning of a boom and is likely to see a large increase in numbers.With more companies cutting back expenses such as added benefits paid to full-time staff the need still exists for extra help.

My personal strength is in the reliability of a job being done well and on time. Other strengths would be honesty with clients regarding knowledge, meaning I would not take a job I knew I could not do. I am also creative and find or research ways to solve issues.

I have an Associates Degree in Business Management and I am also a licensed real estate broker in the state of Oregon. I have recently finished all the Virtual Assistant courses offered through my local community college and am one course away from obtaining a VA Certificate. You can view my online credetials and resume at Visual CV.

I live in Central OR with my husband Mike of 12 years and our 3 daughters Tia, Natalie and Shayla. I also have a dog named Coco Puffs that I love to play with.


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